SiteWatch API Examples.
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Simple map
Simple marker
Simple line
Simple circle
Simple track location
Complex marker
Map coordinate
Project coordinate
Points routing
Address search
Complex track location
Json config
Custom canvas
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Map (This is how the map looks like based on the configuration on the left):
Code (This is how the code looks like based on the configuration above. It can be copied and pasted directly into your project):
<html> <head> <title>SiteWatch API Example Viewer</title> <script src='' type='text/javascript'></script> <script type='text/javascript'> //A map object variable. var map; //Create a map object. function InitMap() { map = SWMap.create('map', { panButton: false, zoomButton: false, defaultZoom: 10, defaultCenterPoint: { x: 359583, y: 406481 } }); //Create an isn93 projected point object from wgs84 coordinates. var isn93 = SiteWatch_API.WGS84_To_ISN93(64.132384, -21.884217); //A string variable with a value. var title_location = '<b>X:</b> ' + isn93.x + '<br><b>Y:</b> ' + isn93.y; //Create a wgs84 projected point object from isn93 coordinates. var wgs84 = SiteWatch_API.ISN93_To_WGS84(isn93.x, isn93.y); //A string variable with a value. var title_location_add = title_location + '<br><b>Lat:</b> ' + + '<br><b>Lon:</b> ' + wgs84.lon; //Create a marker object. var marker = map.addMarker('latlon', { x: 359583, y: 406481 }, { text: title_location_add }, { url: '' }); }; </script> </head> <body onload='InitMap()'> <div id='map' style='height:300px; width:600px;'></div> </body> </html>